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401(k) Plan Services – Investment Services

401(k) Plan Services – Investment Services

Retirement Plan Division

Defined Contribution Qualified Retirement Plan, Case Design, Administration, Vendor Selection

Our staff of dedicated professionals specializes in providing retirement plan products, support services and consulting to organizations across the nation. The plan sponsor and advisor can choose from a platform of plan investment and/or plan administration services and select the ones that best meet their needs.

Our professional relationships with multiple retirement plan vendors and the processes we have in place using the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG) software and fi360 platform allow us to streamline the process and concentrate on evaluating the proper fit for the Plan Sponsor.

Instead of re-creating the wheel, use our consulting expertise and  resources for:

  • Plan cost benchmarking
  • Investment policy statements
  • Scorecard® investment evaluation
  • Fiduciary reviews
  • Request For Proposal Process

Through our Employee Financial Wellness Program, our team of retirement professionals also has the expertise and resources to create a personalized Financial Wellness Program to help your clients and their employees become “financially well.”

10 Reasons to Hire Us as a Retirement Plan Advisor? 

  1. •Independence: Ability to help evaluate funds and providers objectively, without a conflict of interest.
  2. •Familiarity with ERISA: Ability to keep the employer updated on litigation, legislation and regulations impacting plans and fiduciaries.
  3. •Prudent expert: ERISA section 404(a) requires fiduciaries to act with the skill, knowledge and expertise of a prudent expert.
  4. •Expertise in plan design: Ability to help plans maintain qualified status while continuing to meet the goals and objectives of the plan.
  5. •Knowledge of the provider marketplace: Ability to ensure that our plan is being administered in the most efficient manner and for a reasonable price.
  6. •Qualified plan investment expertise: Ability to evaluate, select and monitor fund performance.
  7. •Documentation skills: Ability to demonstrate procedural prudence in a well-documented manner.
  8. •Communication skills: Ability to educate employees regarding plan highlights, and how to create an appropriate investment strategy.
  9. •Acceptance of role as a co-fiduciary: Willingness to acknowledge in writing that we are a co-fiduciary to the plan with respect to the investment advice being delivered.
  10. •Full and open disclosure: Fully and openly discloses all sources of fees being received on a direct and/or indirect basis.